Friday, December 9, 2011

Proton 2012

New Proton Model 2012 | PROTON Holdings Berhad (Proton)
will confirm the latest models that come out Campro 1.6 turbo engine next year which it's known by the code P3-21A. Cars involved are the latest designs that are not related to public Persona model as expected before. But it remains Persona R or Espire as previous rumors or adopt design as shown in  Prototype Tuah auto show not long ago.

Proton announced a willingness to issue a new global model start in February next year. However, "It is not a replacement model or a continuation of the Persona.

Many speculate that play in mind what may be the latest model of the proton is a proton Tuah never shown before?

Whatever it is, well done for protons because of the competitiveness in the present era of globalization development. And hopefully this time the National auto production still has affordable prices for indigenous people and middle income groups.

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